About Us


The Office of School Safety provides Colorado schools and communities with the tools and resources to create safe and positive school environments for all Colorado students, pre-kindergarten through higher education.

Office of School Safety Staff standing in a classroom during a summit


The three units of the Office of School Safety support Colorado schools with the School Safety Resource Center providing resources, consultation, training, and technical assistance, the Crisis Response Unit training school personnel in responding to critical incidents and assisting when called upon and the Grants Unit researching and managing grant opportunities for schools.

Colorado School Safety Resource Center (CSSRC)


CSSRC Vision 2020

The CSSRC provides free consultation, resources, training, and technical assistance to foster safe and secure learning environments, positive school climates, and early intervention to prevent crisis situations.

We support schools and local agencies in their efforts to prevent, prepare for, respond to, and recover from all types of emergencies and crisis situations.

Information and resources from the CSSRC are available to all schools, school officials, and community partners throughout the State of Colorado.


Colorado School Safety Resource Center flyer highlighting trainings, consultations and technical assistance available at NO-COST through the state.

CSSRC Brochure Expanded and highlighted additional information about the School Safety Resource Center. Compatible with trifold printing.


CSSRC Mission 2020

The mission of the Colorado School Safety Resource Center is to collaboratively assist local schools and communities to create safe and positive school environments for Colorado students in all pre-k and higher education schools.

Statutory Authority

The Colorado School Safety Resource Center (CSSRC) was created by State legislation in 2008. Senate Bill 08-001 (C.R.S. Section 24-33.5-1801, et seq.) was signed by Governor Ritter in May, 2008.

Contact CSSRC at 303-239-4435 or CDPS_School_Safety_Center@state.co.us.

The Grants Unit


The Grants Unit is established in the Office of School Safety to manage available school safety grant funding from state and federal authorities and provide grant training and consultation to schools across Colorado.

Please visit our Grants page for specific information on currently available grants.

The Crisis Unit


The Crisis Unit is established in the Office of School Safety to provide crisis response training to school personnel and make available mental health professionals on a limited basis to assist in the aftermath of a critical incident, when requested.

Please visit our Crisis Response page for more information on the services from the Crisis Unit.