Founding Legislation

The legislation to create the Office of School Safety is contained in Colorado Revised Statutes 24-33.5.2701 et seq. and the legislation to create the Colorado School Safety Resource Center is contained in Colorado Revised Statutes 24-33.5-1801 et seq.


The founding legislation and subsequent amendments that affect the OSS and the CSSRC are:

Senate Bill 23-241

Senate Bill 23-241                                  

Creation of the Office of School Safety
Senate Bill 08-001

Senate Bill 08-001                                  

Founding of Colorado School Safety Resource Center

Colorado Revised Statutes 24-33.5 (§§ 24-33.5-1801 — 24-33.5-1810)

24-33.5-1801. Legislative declaration                                  

24-33.5-1802. Definitions                                    

24-33.5-1803. School safety resource center - created - duties (Effective until September 7, 2021)                                   

24-33.5-1803. School safety resource center - created - duties (Effective 90 days from 2021 adjournment)                                      

24-33.5-1804. School safety resource center advisory board - created - repeal                                   

24-33.5-1805. Authorization to contract for services                                   

24-33.5-1806. Evaluation - report                                   

24-33.5-1807. School safety resource center cash fund - repeal                                   

24-33.5-1808. Training program and conference fees authorized                                   

24-33.5-1809. Prevention of child sexual abuse and assault - resource bank - training                                   

24-33.5-1810. School security disbursement program - created - rules - definitions - repeal                                   

Senate Bill 15-020

Senate Bill 15-020                                

Concerning the Addition of the Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Specialist

Senate Bill 13-138

Senate Bill 13-138                                  

Concerning School Resource Officer Programs

House Bill 19-1120

Youth Mental Health Education And Suicide Prevention bill (age of consent for minors to access mental health services) HB 19-1120

This Colorado state bill “allows a minor 12 years of age or older to seek or obtain outpatient psychotherapy services… that might otherwise be unavailable without the consent of or notification to the youth's parent or legal guardian.” Prior to this bill, the legal age for consent by a minor for therapy in the state of Colorado was 15. 

The bill details different aspects of the process; including when to notify parents or guardians (with or without the minor’s consent), cultural and diverse background considerations, and duty to inform parents or guardians in the event of potential harm to self or others. It also details the requirement that the department of education shall create and maintain a mental health education literacy resource bank. Please see below the links to the bill, a summary by the General Assembly, and the CDE resource bank that was required to be developed as a result of this bill.

The Original Bill (Printable View)                           

Summary of Bill from the General Assembly                            

Mental Health Education Literacy Resource Bank (Required by HB 19-1120) - CDE                             

House Bill 10-1336

House Bill 10-1336                                  

Colorado School Safety Resource Center Funding and Expenditures

House Bill 22-1275

House Bill 22-1275                                  

Sunset School Safety Resource Center Advisory Board Concerning the continuation of the school safety resource center advisory board, and, in connection therewith, implementing the recommendation in the department of regulatory agencies' sunset report.


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