Grants Overview

The Office of School Safety Grants Section is responsible for managing and tracking federal, state, local, and private grant funding sources and distributing funds to subrecipients in an efficient manner. The section oversees the financial strategy, compliance and distribution of grant funds to School Districts, local and tribal governments, state agencies, and nonprofit organizations. Through approvals of grant expenditures, tracking the financial and programmatic progress of subrecipients, and ensuring grant compliance, the section provides assistance throughout the entire grant life-cycle from announcement to closeout.

The section oversees school safety and rapid response grants administered by the Office of School Safety within the Colorado Department of Public Safety. These grants currently include the School Access for Emergency Response Grant Program (SAFER), School Security Disbursement Grant Program (SSD), Youth Violence Prevention Grant Program (YVP).  One of the core missions of all grant programs with in the OSS is to enhance and improve school safety.


  • The School Access for Emergency Response Grant Program (SAFER) provides funding for interoperable communication hardware, software, equipment maintenance and training to allow for seamless communications between existing school communications systems and first responder communications systems. 
  • The School Security Disbursement Grant Program (SSD) the improvement of security in public schools through disbursements to local education providers and eligible nonprofit organizations.
  • The Youth Violence Prevention Grant Program (YVP) provides rapid response grants to public schools, public charter schools, community-based organizations, and cities and counties with youth diversion or probation programs to address youth violence, develop strategies for prevention youth violence, and develop strategies for youth violence intervention.

For questions on any of these programs, please contact the OSS team at the repetitive contact below: