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Overview of Resources & Trainings Provided by CSSRC

The Colorado School Safety Re­source Center is available to provide no-cost trainings, consultations, resources and technical assistance to all schools in Colorado at your request. Our work is based on the U.S. Department of Education's Five Preparedness Missions: Prevention, Mitigation, Protection, Response and Recovery.  

Trainings Presented at No-Cost Throughout the State:

  • Emergency and Crisis Management

    • Emergency Planning for Schools

    • Implementing Incident Command System & National Incident Management in Schools

    • Planning and Conducting Tabletop Drills

    • Threat Assessment in Schools 

    • Crisis Preparedness and Intervention 

  • Student Safety

    • Adult Sexual Misconduct in Schools: Prevention and Management

    • Child Sexual Abuse Prevention for School Staff

    • Psychological Challenges of Youth for Staff 

  • Positive School Climate

    • Bullying Prevention and Intervention

    • Cyberbullying for School Staff

    • Sexting for School Staff

  • Behavioral Health Supports

    • Youth Suicide Prevention and Intervention

    • Trauma-Sensitive Classrooms

    • Secondary Traumatic Stress 

Consultations and Technical Assistance Available at No-Cost Throughout the State: 

  • Updating a Comprehensive School Safety Plan Conducting Tabletop Drills

  • Strategies for Creating a Positive School Climate Developing School Crisis Teams

  • Selecting Evidence-Based Programs

Resources are available on our website or by calling us:

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