Notice to Customers: Omegle Shuts Down

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Omegle, an online platform that allowed users to have anonymous video and text chats with strangers has announced they have shut down.

The platform gained notoriety for being used by predators seeking to exploit and harm unsuspecting users, particularly minors. These individuals would engage in grooming and luring tactics, attempting to establish trust with their targets before coercing them into inappropriate or dangerous situations.

The decision to shut down the platform came at a time when lawmakers introduced online safety regulations to prevent child sexual exploitation.

Omegle's closure serves as a reminder of the importance of prioritizing user safety and ensuring responsible online activity.

Safer Schools Together has created a complimentary resource guide called ‘Raising Digitally Responsible Youth: A Parents Guide’. The goal of this guide is to help introduce the major social media platforms, video games, and relevant trends that are either being used already or have the potential to be used by today’s youth.

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