Overview of School Suicide Prevention & Intervention

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The CSSRC has hosted these trainings at other sites across the state and would be more than happy to bring either or both of these trainings to your school or district at no cost.

In the 2017 Healthy Kids Colorado Survey, 17% of Colorado high school students, and 18.8% of middle school students, reported that they had thought about killing themselves within the past 12 months. 13.1% of high school students also said they had thought about a suicide plan in the past year, along with 12.6% of middle school students. The number and rate of youth suicides in Colorado continue to rise. This workshop will present an overview of the essential elements for a school’s comprehensive suicide strategy, including prevention, intervention, and postvention recommendations. Guidance from our 2018 best practices working group and sample tools will be shared. This training is provided by CSSRC’s School Outreach Consultant.

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