Colorado School Safety Legislation

House Bills

2023 House Bills
  • HB23-1003 School Mental Health Assessment (CDPHE)
  • HB23-1009 Secondary School Student Substance Use (CDE)
  • HB23–1191 Prohibit Corporal Punishment of Children
2019 House Bills

House Bill 1120 - Multiple Approaches to Prevent Youth Suicide

House Bill 1032 - Comprehensive Human Sexuality Education

2018 House Bills

House Bill 1064 - Training Program Prevention Child Sexual Abuse

House Bill 1156 - Limiting Penalties for Juvenile Truancy

House Bill 1269 - Parent Notice for Student and Safety Protection

House Bill 1346 - Abuse of Youth Under 21 in Care of Institution

House Bill 1413 - Enhance School Safety Incident Response Program

2017 House Bills

House Bill 17-1204 Juvenile Delinquency Record Expungement

House Bill 17-1276 Restraints on Public School Kids

House Bill 17-1302 Juvenile Sexting Crime

2016 House Bills

House Bill 16-1063 Mental Health Professional Disclosure School Safety

House Bill 16-1373 Student Medical Marijuana Use at School

House Bill 16-1436 No Edible Marijuana Products Shaped to Entice Kids

2012 - 2015 House Bills

House Bill 15-1072 Concerning Harassment Through an Interactive Electronic Medium

House Bill 15-1200 Campus Sexual Assault Victim Medical Care

House Bill 15-1273 - Comprehensive School Discipline Reporting

House Bill 14-1294 - Concerning Student Data Collection Privacy Protections Administered by the Department of Education

House Bill 14-1288 - Concerning Exemptions to Immunization Requirements for Children Prior to Attending School

House Bill 13-1171 - Concerning the Use of Epinephrine Auto-Injectors (EpiPens) in Emergency Situations in Schools

House Bill 13-1021 - Compulsory School Attendance

House Bill 12-1345 / Senate Bill 12-046 - School Finance and School Discipline At A Glance Notes on HB12-1345 / SB12-046

House Joint Resolution 12-1004 - Colorado Teen Suicide Prevention

House Bill 12-1146 - Funding for Dropout Recovery Programs

House Bill 12-1140 - Suicide Prevention for Minors

House Bill 12-1013 - Interventions for Middle School Students

2011 - 2015 House Bills

House Bill 11-1254 - Reduce Bullying in Schools

House Bill 11-1169 - Information Sharing at Higher Education Institutions

House Bill 11-1121 - Concerning Disqualification from School Employment for Conviction of Certain Offenses

House Bill 11-1069 - Elementary School Physical Activity Requirements

House Bill 11-1053 - Compelling a Minor to Attend School

 House Bill 11-1032 - Concerning Restorative Justice

House Bill 10-1336 - Colorado School Safety Resource Center Funding and Expenditures

House Bill 10-1274 - Out of Home Juvenile Transition to Public School

House Bill 10-1054 - School Safety Information in Higher Education

 House Bill 08-1267 - First Responder School Mapping Pilot

House Bill 07-1059 - School Security Infrastructure

House Bill 05-1036 - Internet Safety Plan

House Bill 00-1119 - Exchange of Information Related to Children

Senate Bills

2023 Senate Bills
  • SB23-170 Extreme Risk Protection Orders
  • SB23-299 Epi Pens Legal Requirements
  • SB23–029 Disproportionate Discipline in Public School (Task Force/CDE)
  • SB23–070 Mandatory School Resource Officer Training (S2T)
  • SB23-241 Creation of the Office of School Safety
  • SB23-296 Prevent Harassment & Discrimination in Schools
2020 Senate Bills

Senate Bill 20-023 - Creating A Multi-Agency Working Group to Address School Safety

2019 Senate Bills

Senate Bill 7 - Prevention of Sexual Misconduct on Higher Education

Senate Bill 49 - Statute of Limitation Failure Report Child Abuse

Senate Bill 117 - Background Checks Persons Who Work with Children

Senate Bill 179 - Enhanced School Safety Incident Response Grant Program

Senate Bill 185 - Protection for Minor Human Trafficking Victims

2018 Senate Bills

Senate Bill 151 - Colorado Department of Education Bullying Policies Research

Senate Bill 158 - School Access to Interoperable Communication Technology

Senate Bill 269 - School Security Disbursement Program

Senate Bill 272 - Crisis and Suicide Prevention Training Grant Program

2017 Senate Bills

Senate Bill 17-068 School Counselors Early Support For Students

Senate Bill 17-291 School Safety Resource Center Advisory Board Sunset

2016 Senate Bills

Senate Bill 16-147 Suicide Prevention Through Zero Suicide Model

Senate Bill 16-193 Safe2Tell Provide Free Materials and Training

2012 - 2015 Senate Bills

Senate Bill 15-184 No Detention For Failure To Attend School

SB 15-014 Medical Marijuana

Senate Bill 15-020-Education to Prevent Child Sexual Abuse and Assault

Senate Bill 15-213 - Waive Governmental Immunity for Acts of School Violence

Senate Bill 15-214 - Creating a Legislative Conversation on Safety in Schools

Senate Bill 14-088 - Creation Suicide Prevention Commission


Senate Bill 13-283 - Concerncing the Implementation of Amendment 64 and Tobacco Free Schools

Senate Bill 13-266 - Coordinated Behavioral Health Crisis Response

Senate Bill 13-230 - Budget and Expansion of School-Based Health Centers

Senate Bill 13-200 - Expand Medicaid Eligibility

Senate Bill 13-138 - Concerning School Resource Officer Programs

Senate Bill 13-008 - Eliminate Waiting Period for Child Health Plan Plus (CHP+)

Senate Bill 12-036 - Parental Consent for Collection of Information from Students in Schools

2011 - 2000 Senate Bills

Senate Bill 11-266 - Concerning Background Checks for School Contractors

Senate Bill 11-173 - Concerning Interoperable Communications in Schools

Senate Bill 11-133 - Concerning a Study of Disciplinary Actions Taken in Public Schools

Senate Bill 11-040 - Jake Sankenberg Youth Concussion Act

Senate Bill 11-012 - Student Possession of Prescription Medications

Senate Bill 08-200 - Concerning the Expansion of Prohibitions against Discrimination

Senate Bill 08-181 - Coordination Among Agencies when Responding to School Emergencies (NIMS)

Senate Bill 08-001- School Safety Resource Center

Senate Bill 07-197 - Safe2Tell Anonymous Reporting and Confidentiality

Senate Bill 01-80 - Bully Prevention Policy

Senate Bill 00-133 - Concerning Safe Schools



Joint Resolutions

Senate Joint Resolution14-031 Concerning the Establishment of Colorado Safe Schools Month

Colorado Revised Statutes Relating to School Safety

Colorado Safe Schools Act C.R.S. 22-32-109.1 (2023)

  • All titles of the Colorado Statutes have been updated and are current through the laws passed during the 2023 Legislative Session.

Legislation to create the Colorado School Safety Resource Center (CRS 24-33.5-1801)

  • Current through all Laws passed during the 2018 Legislative Session with subsequent amendments.
Colorado Revised Statutes Relating to Safety at Institutions of Higher Education

CRS 23-5-125 - Campus Sex Offender Information

CRS 23-5-126 - Anti-Terrorism Measures

CRS 23-5-128 - Meningococcal Disease Information and Immunity

Senate Bill 7 - Prevention of Sexual Misconduct on Higher Education

CRS 23-5141 - Campus Police Information Sharing

Clery Act

United States Code (U.S.C.) Title 20 - Education

  • Chapter 28 - Higher Education Resources and Student Assistance
  • Subchapter IV - Student Assistance
  • Part F - General Provisions Relating to Student Assistance Programs
  • 1092. Institutional and financial assistance information for students
10 Years After Columbine

Highlights of School Safety Efforts in Colorado (April 8, 2009)

  • Includes a chronology of some key milestones and statewide efforts contributing to improved school safety for Colorado students and schools.


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