Access’s Resource Package to Support School Safety Planning in the New Year

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To support K-12 schools and districts in creating holistic and comprehensive school safety plans in 2024, has compiled its set of original one-pagers and infographics released on the site over the past year. This new resource compendium covers a range of school safety topics and provides a collection of actionable strategies, guidance, and resources that can help inform and enhance school safety programs and activities.  


The 2023 Resource Package includes:


Back-to-School Resources: Key school safety issues and strategies to support a safe return to school.


Bullying Prevention Resources: Strategies and resources to help identify, address, and prevent bullying and create safer school environments.  


Child Exploitation Resources: Information and resources on what child exploitation is, risk factors that make students vulnerable to exploitation, and ways schools can prevent exploitation, counteract risk factors, and support students facing exploitation.


Emergency Planning Resources: Preventive and protective actions schools can take to prepare for, respond to, and recover from emergency events, and corresponding guides, tools, and training programs to support emergency planning efforts.


Mental Health Resources: Information, strategies, and resources to support student mental health and implement mental health programs and initiatives within school communities.


Online Safety Resources: Tips and resources to help parents and guardians, school communities, and students prevent and protect against online threats and dangers.


Targeted Violence Prevention Resources: Resources and information on the threat of targeted school violence and ways to address it through prevention, protection, and mitigation measures.


The 2023 Resource Package also includes a overview, which provides information on the features and tools available through the site to help schools and districts prioritize school safety actions, find applicable resources and funding opportunities, and stay up to date on the latest school safety news and events.




The 2023 Resource Package highlights some of the issues, strategies, and resources available to support schools in creating safe and supportive learning environments and is not inclusive of the full set of materials and guidance accessible through For additional resources and information, including infographics on school climate, cybersecurity, youth violence, and more, please visit's Communications Center.


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